Geminian, the new collaboration between Ale Paul and me for Sudtipos, is a set of fonts that started as a simple idea based on a theoretical level, to be able to take shape under a creative impulse inspired by the need to communicate.

French Bulldog

This font was made to celebrate the unnoticed little moments. A hot coffee in the morning, the sea breeze on your face, the sweet smell of a flower, a nap with your dog,  the tenderness of a maternal caress, traveling, walking, crying, sharing, feeling, being onesself. 

Blog Script

Blog Script comes in two weights, alternates for most letters, and a strong aesthetic rooted in individuality and freedom of spirit. That is strange, fascinating, and has a certain magnetism that is very difficult to resist.

La Taquería

New typeface collaboration for Sudtipos. Mexico’s storied culture is one of the most recognizable today. Its amazing vibrant art and delicious foods have made the leap to influence many parts of the world in recent years. 

The Scrapbooker Set

The Scrapbooker Set is a new series of fonts created in collaboration with Ale Paul for Sudtipos. Scrapbookers make albums of memories, diaries composed of different elements that converge together to lead the viewer to a special moment in time.

The Distillery Set

The Distillery Set  is the first typeface designed by me. Ale Paul produced and expanded the digital work. The set is published by Sudtipos.
A collection of 5 fonts: Display, Strong, Script, Icons, and Caps.