Caro Marando is a freelancer designer and
letterer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Caro Marando es una diseñadora y letrista
freelance de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Recents Projects

Her work specializes in lettering, graphic design, and illustration. She works for different clients, brands, agencies, magazines
and publishing houses, creating lettering pieces, book covers and logotypes, among other projects.
She also does type designs that are characterized by their “hand made” appearance.

Su trabajo se especializa en lettering, diseño gráfico e ilustración. Trabaja para diferentes clientes, marcas, agencias, revistas y editoriales,
creando piezas de lettering, arte de tapa de libros y logos, entre otros proyectos.
Además diseña fuentes tipográficas que se caracterizan por buscar la apariencia de lo hecho a mano.

Workshops & Events


Initial Lettering

From different theorists and exercises with pencil and paper, you will learn methods to build letters and create a lettering composition.

Modality: On line
Level: Initial | Duration: 4 classes